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  Any deposit taken in March/April 2020 for a 3Hr Photobooth hire will receive free Guest Book.





Ferris Wheels (All Sizes)

Lots of options available for hire of our Ferris Wheels as 3 sizes are available - Large, Medium & Small.

Each wheel hired comes with tongs, scoops, sweet jars, Mr & Mrs table top letters (Wedding only), LED string lights to decorate the table top and sweet bags in a coulour of your choice. Confectionary is supplied at additional cost and dependant on quanty of guest being catered for?


Our Love Heart Wheel is truely stunning and always head turner at any party.

Wheel diameter is 70cm, fully rotating with 8 swinging gondolas.

Manily for larger parties with guests of 40+



Dot decoration wheel, manufactured from food grade plastic.

Wheel diameter is 46cm, fully rotating with 8 swinging gondolas.

Ideal for parties with 20 - 50 guests.


Gothic style wheel.

Wheel diameter is 33cm,  fully rotating with 10 swinging gondolas.

Great for parties of upto 20 guests. 

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